Mamiya Tours

taking travelling to new heights!



Mamiya Tours can open the door to an extraordinary travelling opportunity that is truly unique.  We are a company dedicated to providing our clients the best packages.

We know what it takes to create an exciting  travelling package and our clients are our first priority.  We take care of the details to take the worry out of your tour giving you an enjoyable, safe and affordable experience.

It’s our mission to provide an exciting and memorable package to every client, every time.  Mamiya Tours arrange tours to fit your needs : whether it’s a weekend getaway or just a one-day scenic adventure.

Our dynamic team has a passion for service excellence and we will do our best to ensure that your visit to our beautiful country is a memorable one!


The owner of Mamiya Tours, Khaya Ndlumbini, has a passion for service excellence and will do his best to ensure that your visit to our beautiful country is a memorable one.  He started their Tourism business with his passion and natural ability in interacting with people. 

He lives out his company’s slogan which is “Taking travelling to new heights” through sound planning, discipline and good management practice.

He believes in teamwork, by combining his strength with this team members,  to achieve together what they cannot achieve alone.  He is serious about what he does, while having fun in the process.

Their company’s core business focus is to offer clients that are ‘service-seeking’ the reassurance of a world-class quality service-delivery experience the first time and with continuation.


We pledge the following to our clients, but are not limited to :


    To achieve service excellence that will ultimately result in clients influences.


    By being true to our word, keeping promises and implementing value propositions to successfully reach contractual obligations.


    Our pricing, promotion, labour practice and remuneration all rest on fairness and equal opportunity.


    By keeping the level of disclosure confident with our investors and clients through strong governance of our business.


Our  mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe transporting solutions, which is a key component of our business. We achieve this on an ongoing basis by the application of standards, policies and procedures in all areas of the business, from the input of quality work to the internal mechanism and reliable practices that drive the business.


The company’s focus is sustainable growth by being one of the top tourist service providers.

Mamiya Tours is a company that rise above, taking travelling to new heights through sound planning, financial discipline and good management practice.